"My, How Things Change"

Shockwave TopGun Edition

After anticipating a Banner Year for all of our Jet Trucks and working hard in the "Off Season" making all the exciting changes and upgrades to everything, we like everyone else got hit broadside by a Big Surprise, the CoronaVirus-Covid19. Although none of our crew or family have been affected yet, our season has been devastated with many cancellations of both Airshows and Drag Races.

We will try to keep our schedule page updated as to future show dates and locations

We are all praying that this will end soon and our great country can again get back to normal as soon as possible.


God Bless the U.S.A


Check out our 2020 Tour Dates on our Schedule Page to see where you can witness the Excitement in person."

Shockwave TopGun Edition

AfterShock Jet Fire Truck

Be sure to watch our Facebook Page (also available on the Facebook pop-out on this website), Twitter (@jettrucks) and Instagram for all the Crazy Happenings for the entire Jet Truck Team.




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