marilyn_darnell1 Marilyn Darnell Marilyn is the Co-Crew Chief for the Flash Fire and SHOCKWAVE Jet Trucks and also wife of driver Neal Darnell. Among her various duties are communications with various people during the performance to make sure the Jet Truck and other vehicles that may also be performing are all in sync with one another at all times. The success of the performance is dependent on her timing and signaling skills.

Her responsibilities also include starting the big Jet Engine on the Flash Fire Jet Truck and towing the Jet Truck into position on and off the Runway with her Beautiful Red Corvette Pace Car.

Marilyn is a huge part of the success of the team everyone agrees, "We couldn't do it without her".


Hunter Mayshark is the newest member of our Team.  Also, the youngest on our Team.  Acting as Crew Chief for our AfterShock Twin Engine Fire Truck, he has adapted well and learned quick. His responsibilities also include maintenance at the Race Shop and use of his mechanical skills.  He says "I love my job" with a smile.  We are glad to have him on board.
wayne rachel
Wayne Rachel

Wayne Rachel has worked for the Darnell family for over 10 years. He is virtually a 'Jack of all Trades-Master of None' but he tries real hard. He's done most everything around the Race Shop and not afraid to tackle any task. He does a great job and is always there for us and we all consider him a part of the our Family.

In 2013 after we had acquired the SHOCKWAVE operation Wayne was elevated to the position of Crew Chief for SHOCKWAVE. He's also a huge Fan of Oklahoma Football. OU to be exact.