A Very Exciting 2019 Season is Winding Down but an even more Exciting 2020 Season is Coming Up

Shockwave TopGun EditionDuring 2019 our Jet Trucks have been a part of many very successful shows with huge crowds. We are so thankful to contribute to their successes. The Annual ICAS Airshow Convention in Vegas is coming up along with Holiday Celebrations  and then Winter Maintenance and the much anticipated release of our upcoming 2020 SHOCKWAVE and AFTERSHOCK Jet Truck Schedules.

Shockwave will get an all new look for the 2020 season! We call it the “Top Gun Edition” which is fitting with the new Top Gun movie being released next year! This new design is a tribute to all branches of our military to honor all who have served and continue to serve this great nation!

Within the new design, you’ll see throwbacks to different eras of military aviation through a combination of the A-10 Warthog Gatling Guns on both front fenders, P40 Warhawk shark mouth, 50 caliber machine gun, Chrome Warbird Fighter underlay, Hellfire Missiles for the parachute cans, and of course the American Flag design.

We love this country and all it represents! We are proud to fly the colors and support our military! Tell us what you think of the new design!!!

Shockwave TopGun Edition

AfterShock Jet Fire Truck

And by now we are sure you've seen or witnessed our new AfterShock Jet Fire Truck with it's Twin Engines and Tall Fire Breathing Exhaust Stacks. This Beast is making Big Waves in the Air Show World.

If you aren't already on our 2020 Schedule you should be. We have limited dates still available. Call or email us now to get on next years schedule.

Be sure to watch our Facebook Page (also available on the Facebook pop-out on this website), Twitter (@jettrucks) and Instagram for all the Crazy Happenings for the entire Jet Truck Team.




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